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Weather is always a concern when it comes to erecting a building.  With regard to just the erecting of the building keep in mind that production rates on site tend to slow with cold and windy conditions.  With that being said, the better the weather conditions and site conditions are the quicker things tend to go.  But, the equipment rental rates and availability and even labor availability with be low during those same times.

Every company has a decent collection of colors to choose from.  However, a blue from company may not be the same as a blue from another.

All of the buildings are customizable.  With all the different building type, uses, features, etc  no two buildings are exactly the same in most cases.  Not to mention the countless differences in building codes and load requirements. For example. If you have two  30X40X10 buildings and one is being used as a shop and the other is being used as an office space or living quarters the Loads needed to properly engineer the two buildings will be a bit different.  In this case the ceiling of the living quarter/office are will most likely have a drop ceiling or dry wall ceiling.  This requires the building to be designed with a Collateral load on the roof to carry that additional weight.

Yes, the more exact you are about what you want and need the easier time you will have with shopping and comparing quotes.  One you have made a choice it is always a good idea to double check every thing.  This double checking process is an industry process called “Approval Orders”.  This means that you get all of the plans and documentation necessary to review and obtain pre-approval before the building order is finalized and the building goes into production.  For example, most cities and even counties require building permits to construct much of anything.  Placing an Approval Order gives you the drawings and other documentation need to get the project approved before you commit tom the full purchase.  This gives you the opportunity to make minor changes to the building

Listen, unless you are flush with cash and you need to get rid of it for tax purposes or something, price should ALWAYS be a factor.  But the reason it is not the most important is because low prices generally equals lower quality and when it comes to metal buildings the quality of the material is not even the most important factor.  Let me explain:  ALL building kits have to go through the processes of design, detailing, and engineering.  There is no exception to this fact.  Of those three processes the DETAILING is actually the most important. 

Detailing is the process of counting every single piece and validating every single length, color, size, Qty, shape, hole location and size.  So even if a company used the best materials in the world, if the detailing is not done accurately then when it gets to your site and you try to put it together it WILL NOT FIT!  And at that point the quality of the materials is not relevant.

One indicator in the accuracy of a companies detailing department is if they even have one.  A lot of companies out there are simply marketing companies that sell buildings for other manufactures and do not even have a detailing department.  Or worse yet the detailing is farmed out to an overseas company that had very little to no liability in the accuracy. 

Ask to speak to the Head of the Detailing Department.  Ask that person how long they have been detailing?  Ask them what method and software they use to validate the characteristics of the members.  If there is any hesitation with getting the answers or getting to speak with that person?  The person detailing your job can either be your best friend and make your buying experience a positive one.  Or they can be someone you wished you didn’t know and make your buying experience a nightmare.

  There are a lot of costs associated with the final cost to the customer.  The less companies spend in areas of design, detailing, engineering, or materials the more they make.  And the reason you get such a wide range of prices when  you shopping for building is that companies cut corner to maximize profits.  And the ones that don’t are large reputable and expensive.  So do yourself a favor get quotes from 5 or more companies.  Arrange them by price lowest to highest.  Then take the lowest and the highest and throw them away.  Ask the questions about detailing that I mentioned above of the three that are left.  Then make a choice as to who you trust.